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Custom Ornamental Furnishings & Architectural

Restoration, Repairs, Tool Making, Sharpening & Hardening


All pieces are one of a kind handmade originals. Pieces can be commissioned, if interested in commissioning a piece please email or call us. Time varies in the creation of each piece so please allow ample time for creation.


The Artist’s Statement:

All works are original and unique; designed and executed by the artist--

Though all pieces do not necessarily make a “statement”, they do all reflect the artist’s philosophy of

simplicity and practicality as well as a great respect of heritage, culture and history and hence make the ultimate



The Artist’s Belief:

We are here to learn--

To improve ourselves on every level and to share our knowledge and thus make our world a better place--

This is our obligation to ourselves, our peers and to the future--We achieve this through refining what we do and in

how we do this--

Replace the chaos and disorder with organization--We improve or die--If we are not part of the solution, we

are indeed the problem—

Nothing is complete or truly gratifying without hard work--This is the only way to learn to understand

“passion,” and to achieve excellence, whether racing motorcycles, walking steel, loving, forming metal, whatever--

What we have when we leave this place is far less significant than what we leave behind—


Who Walt Badgerow is:

Full Metal Artist with Full Metal Creations--

A lifelong student with various degrees, certificates and countless entrepreneurial accomplishments--

He has been self-employed for the bulk of his life beginning at the age of eight with a wholesale produce



At age sixteen joined the San Francisco fishing fleet where he worked as a “chummer” catching albacore

and wrote and published his first of two books of poetry--

Has lived and worked in many states as a structural steel “fitter” and welder--

Worked professionally as a residential designer and builder and has been working as an artist full time since

1998--Exhibiting his work in numerous galleries and private shows as well as many art fairs throughout Michigan and several other states--

He works and lives in Lexington, Michigan and can be contacted for commissioned pieces at:


(810) 327-2045
8174 Lakeshore
Lexington, MI 48450

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